I’m Abhinav Janak, a freelance Actor and Model from Hyderabad. I’ve had nice memorable experiences until now while associating with Modelz world, India’s No 1 Modelling agency nestled in prime Banjara hills area, Hyd, owned and operated by Amit Arora . Through Modelz world, I got to act in many good Ad commercials, few film roles, corporate films/ads & few Print Ads/photo-shoots, the memories and experiences of which have created an indelible impression on my mind etched deeply all throughout the last 6 to 7 years along with a good bond with them that we all are like a family!…They brought me good exposure and experience which propelled me further actively in this line elevating my stature and image by getting me necessary prominence and visibility among diverse clients, on Television and in Print media.

I really appreciate Amit Arora , the owner of Modelz world along with his better half Mrs Deena, both come across as a very humble, beautiful and professional duo who are known to conduct meticulous auditions at their well decked up studio with large beaming mirrors, situated in prime & centralized area of Banjara Hills making it convenient for both experienced and amateurs to come over after they are preliminarily shortlisted, they then inperson to familiarize with the script and dialogues which are narrated by them making all contestants feel homely, giving all a fair enough chance to bag suitable roles. Modelz world as a practice tends to give options for maximum number of people with equal choice and chances to participate across age groups as per the role suitability. They are assisted by many assistants who do a professional job of coordination at shoot locations making life easy for all artistes who come and many are quite soft spoken and very helpful.

I appreciate their marketing and promotional abilities along with their wide contact base from Mumbai to Bangalore to Hyderabad.

Through Models world I got to act with India’s premier model and actor John Abraham for a day in a Bollywood film Also did few Ads for reputed corporate like CYEINT, DELOITTE, ICICI, ITC, Coporate and TVC’s like DOCONLINE, ETV BHARAT, RAMRAJ COTTONS, MANIPAL Hospitals, SUNSOLITE, RAJSHREE PAAN MASALA etc.

I wish Modelz world all the best in all it’s future endeavours!

Abhinav Janak, Actor & Model

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