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The best way to begin your acting career is to get involved with MODELZ WORLD and be a part of it. With the experience of more than 25 years in the entertainment industry in the field of Indian cinema, fashion, media and advertisement, award winning modelz world have designed Acting course for freshers and established actors who would like to refine their skills.

MODELZ WORLD has successfully completed 25 years in grooming and training thousands of aspiring actor’s and successfully casted them in National and regional Films, National and International TV commercials , Print ads, Digital ads, Webseries, TV Serials, Documentaries, Short films, Catalogues shoots, Music albums, Serial, Tv shows, etc…

Modelz World is the place where you can get the best acting training with a kind of scientific approach.

The training is a step-by-step procedure of self-investigation for the actor. The course will concentrate on mind, body and voice of a student, which in turn will help in developing honest and real performances.

Modelz World will follow contemporary scientific methods in imparting training in Acting and also is adopting classical and traditional methods.

The sessions begin with basic collection of theatre games of different Masters who proposed different methods/techniques in the field of acting among them methods of Konstantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Michael Chekhov, Jerzy Grotowski and Bharata’s Natya Sastra.

As a part of training to students in acting, the trainers persistently observe the discipline among the learners by paying individual attention to each student.

Students are introduced to specific exercises attributed to each master and asked to work on them outside of session and to perform them in session.

The sole objective of this curriculum is not only imparting training in Acting to students but is also making them technically comprehensive and to learn the responsibilities of an actor on set and also to enable those to settle as well trained professional actors.

Course Curriculum:

Definitions of Imitation, Creativity, Acting, and Aspects of Acting.

Physical aspects of Acting:

Deals with Entering the Space, Warm up, Movements, Gesture, Posture, Signs, the techniques of Non-verbal communications, Yoga Exercises and so on which is related to improve the physicality of the actors.

Verbal aspects of Acting:

This is an important aspect of acting and it deals with Breath control exercises, Voice drills, Pronunciation of syllables, Voice culture, Feelings for the words, Textual communications and Speech variations and finally Clear and Attractive speech with good modulation.

We have sessions on Acting for Theatre, for TV, for Cinema and also have practical’s by using the above aspects like Improvisations and Action problems, Expression and Rhythm, Adoption, Group building, Sharing and Interaction, Stories reading and telling, An analysis character’s psychology, Using of Monologues for various moods, Working on emotions. After the completion of the course students will participate in trail shootings in Class room works and Camera Practical’s.

At the end of the first three weeks of course, students will perform a dramatic piece during an Acting presentation, which constitutes an essential part of the grading criteria, and next end of the second three weeks of course, students will perform scenes before an invited audience. In last two weeks will concentrate on camera practical’s. Actors completing the course will have the opportunity to lodge their recorded scenes in a agency’s promoting library.

Acting Training Lesson Plan:-
             1Entering Space, Warm up Relaxation, Movements, Body Awareness, Spatial Awareness, Rhythm Breath control exercises, Pronunciation of syllables, Voice drillsSelf Analysis, Personal Creativity. Imagination and its types. Concentration Imagination, Transformation and Creations
             2 Gestures and Postures. Join with and respond to others in group dramatic activities. Expansion andamp; Contrast and Cooperate in teams to solve problems.Voice drills, Speech Variations, Types of reading. 10 commands, Time Sense, Sensory awareness, Memories, Method Acting.
             3 Walking Styles, Sitting Styles, Property and Action Textual communications, Sharing and Interaction, Storytelling. Character andamp; its dimensions and analysis,
             4 Picture to Act, Mime and Pantomime Open ended sessions, Monologues 5 W’s, 5 P’s andamp; 5 C’s
             5 Improvisations (Physical) Improvisations ( Verbal) Improvisations(Psychological)
             6 Emotions and Expressions Emotions and Expressions Rasa Box Exercises
             7 Action Problems Scene Works Scene Works
             8 Camera Practical’s Camera Practical’s Camera Practicals

Modelz world offers complete talent management to the models right from training in modelling – to grooming – to making professional portfolios – to casting and promoting and extends full support to aspiring models in pursuing their modelling careers.

So instead of wasting your time, energy and money on various small time grooming and Modelling schools..

We recommend to get trained directly at MODELZ WORLD which is India’s largest, oldest, most trusted and most awarded Modelling and casting agency which guarantees success.

MODELZ WORLD has groomed, trained students and made them famous more than any other modelling academy in the last 25 years.

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