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3. Modelz World has casted and co ordinated more than 200 national and regional films and more than 2000 tv commercials.

4. Modelz World worked with the industry's most high-profile directors, advertising agencies, choreographers, designers and production houses from the last 17 years.

5. Modelz World has its own in-house casting agency and casting studio.

6. Modelz world offers complete talent management to the models and actors right from modelling and casting courses,to grooming, to making professional portfolios, to casting and promoting and extends full support to aspiring models and actors in pursuing their modelling and acting careers.

7. Modelz World has successfully completed 17 years in casting actors and models in feature films, tv commercials, print advertisements, ramp shows, tv serials, photoshoots, catalogues, music albums, tv shows etc,..

8. With the experience of more than 17 years in the glamour world, award winning Modelz World has designed professional modelling and acting courses for freshers and established models and actors who would like to refine their skills.

9. Modelz World offers excellent opportunities for people who are motivated and are looking for a challenging future in the glamour industry.

10. We proudly boast to be India's most glamorous and impressive modelling and casting studio.